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Basic Package

The Basic Package consists of a website with 5 pages containing text and images, a contact form and sitemap. Designing your website will be done based upon your own wishes and style. We do not make use of premade templates! Remember that your website will also be signed with Google for free.

The Basic Package can be extended with further modules. These modules will also be created in your own style.

Photo Gallery

Share your pictures with the world.


Want to sell your products online? Make it happen with our webshop.

When we developed the webshop management system, we placed ourselves in the position of the shopkeeper. It has been designed to make it easy to manage products.


With this module you can display videos on your website.

News System

You can place your news articles online fast and with ease.


TWO Maatwerk in Automatisering offers a custom built CMS (Content Management System) module. With this module you can manage the content of the website yourself.

If you choose we can also maintain the website for you at a very competitive hourly rate; you deliver the content to us and we place it online.

If your website has not been created by us then we can still maintain it, please contact us for further details.


For advice on how your website can score higher in search engines such as Google, please contact us.

For more information or to make an appointment, please make use of our contact form.

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